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Calls for May 2018

2018-05-19: Wildland Fire
2018-05-26: Medical
2018-05-22: Medical
2018-05-17: Medical
2018-05-16: MVC
2018-05-14: Mutual Aid for Oakhill
2018-05-04: Medical

Did You Know?

1.Home fire sprinklers can contain and may even extinguish a fire in less time than it would take the fire department to arrive on the scene. Sprinklers are highly effective because they react so quickly in a fire. They reduce the risk of death or injury from a fire because they dramatically reduce the heat, flames and smoke produced, allowing people time to evacuate the home.
2.Whether in the fire service or at home, when you put a ladder against the eaves of a house, you should have three to five rungs above the roof line for safety going onto or off of a roof.
3.Every time a fire truck is taken out of the fire hall, for a practice or an emergency call, when it returns it must pass a return to service checklist to ensure it is ready for whatever emergency call may come next.
4.Emergency calls are received by firefighters over their pagers as well as a text message on their cell phone as a backup system.
5.When salt water has to be used to fight a fire, the pump as well as the tank of the fire truck has to be flushed with fresh water before the truck is put away for the next call.
6.According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) the number one cause of home fires is cooking equipment.
10.The department provides emergency shelter and has a back-up generator.
11.The department provides medical care within the district and has Medical First Responders.
12.It costs over $2,000 to provide Firefighting protective equipment to each member. This equipment needs to be custom fit and replaced when damaged. It is an additional $2,000 for SCBA so firefighters can enter into smoke atmospheres safety.
13.On average, the department has 3 training evenings a month. Each training evening averages around 2 hours.
14.It is illegal to drive over a fire hose in your vehicle.
15.Motoring public must yield to Fire apparatus who displays emergency lights and sirens.
16.Dayspring Air Field is a back-up landing zone for EHS Lifeflight in the event that a helicopter cannot land at the Hospital. The department is paged each time the helicopter lands to ensure the landing zone is safe.
17.The department has approximately 6,000 ft of hose. Nearly 3,000 ft of 4 diameter, 1,500 ft of 2.5 diameter and 1,500 ft of 1.5/1.75 diameter.
18.The department carries 5,800 gallons of water total in three trucks. In responding order, Engine #1 has 1,000 gal, Tanker #4 has 2,300 gal and Tanker #2 has 2,500 gal.
19.Rescue boat 5 can be launched in nearly any location. Given its light weight and small size, several members can carry it to a launch location if needed. Also, the boat has a shallow draft, allowing the boat to function in shallow water.

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