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Calls for May 2018

2018-05-19: Wildland Fire
2018-05-26: Medical
2018-05-22: Medical
2018-05-17: Medical
2018-05-16: MVC
2018-05-14: Mutual Aid for Oakhill
2018-05-04: Medical

Training With the Dayspring & District Fire Department

You Don't Have to Be a Firefighter to Help Your Community

Training in the fire service is an ongoing adventure in learning. There are continuous changes in building materials and designs that make the job of a firefighter more challenging and dangerous. There are more and more vehicles on the roads made with new materials and new engineering designs as well as more trucks carrying new and dangerous chemicals. The one constant seems to be the "neighbor helping neighbor" attitude of the firefighters. They have actually even rescued a cat from a tree.

The DDFD members train and prepare for many types of emergencies, including, but not limited to the following.

Ready for Training Training at the fire school

Rapid Intervention Team (RIT): A RIT team is a team of four members trained in various types of rescue operations. A RIT team is used at a structure fire or any emergency where other firefighters are working in a hazardous atmosphere. The sole purpose of the RIT team is search and rescue of fellow firefighters who may become lost, trapped, disoriented or any other type of life threatening situations.
Advanced Medical First Responder: Many of the members are trained Medical First Responders (MFR) registered with EHS.
Level 1 Firefighter: Many of our members have attained level 1 professional firefighter certification.
Ice Rescue: DDFD also performs ice rescue with most members trained in cold water rescue procedures.
Traffic Control: All members are trained in proper and safe forms of traffic control.
Pet Rescue: With the donation of a pet rescue oxygen mask kit, DDFD is able to better aid the furry members of your family.
Water Rescue: The department also has a boat to aid in water rescue, searches, evacuation and firefighting.
Lifeflight Officer: Through EHS, several members are trained as Lifeflight landing zone officers.
Vehicle Extrication: Vehicle extrication is an important part of the ongoing training. As vehicles continuously change, so must the training and procedures for modern cars.
Hazardous Materials: Most members are trained in Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Awareness. That is to say, identify the hazard and know which government or private agencies to report the incident to and receive detailed instructions as to how the situation should be handled.

Live fire training at the fire school Training medical first responders

The community depends on you! If you'd like to become a member, please contact us here.

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