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2018-05-19: Wildland Fire
2018-05-26: Medical
2018-05-22: Medical
2018-05-17: Medical
2018-05-16: MVC
2018-05-14: Mutual Aid for Oakhill
2018-05-04: Medical

The Dayspring and District Fire Department Serving the Community

Comfort Station

Dayspring fire department is your local comfort station

In the days following Hurricane Juan in September 2003, and after the widespread power outages in November 2004, many communities came together in typical Nova Scotia fashion to assist individuals in their communities. Locations such as volunteer fire departments that had generator power opened their doors to local residents to offer a place for food, warm beverages, charge their cell phone batteries and general information. Once opened, these locations become known as "Comfort Stations".

"A Comfort Station is opened by a community group and is intended to provide a location where community members can gather for a period of time during the day. A Comfort Station is not opened with the intention of turning into an overnight shelter operation. Depending on the time of year and the emergency situation, a Comfort Station can serve several purposes: Feeding/water, warmth and information are the three key services provided." (Red Cross, March 2006)

Members of the Dayspring & District Fire Department will be there when the needs of the community are served by establishing such a comfort station. Opening of a comfort station will be advertised on the radio, twitter, website, fire hall outdoor bulletin board, etc.

DDFD – provides comfort to those in need.

Renewable Energy Project

Dayspring fire department renewable energy program

Volunteer organizations are always looking for ways to save money in the day-to-day expense of running a hall and equipment. The members of the Dayspring & District Fire Department recognized any savings in building heating costs could be used to purchase additional equipment and provide opportunities to attend training courses. Moving forward, members had two goals in mind. First and foremost, the intention was to save on hall heating expenses by utilizing renewable energy technologies. Through discussions with our suppliers, it was agreed that the project would serve as a demonstration site for members of the public to view the equipment and ask questions about operation and possible cost savings for their own homes.

In 2009, members installed two different types of renewable energy systems in the hall. The first purchase, a thermal solar system, purchased from Thermo Dynamics in Dartmouth, preheats our domestic hot water. Equipped with a solar pump driven by a small photovoltaic panel, the glycol system collects the sun's energy and moves it to a solar boiler, which transfers the heat to our tap water.

The second system consists of two Cansolair space-heating solar panels made in Newfoundland. When the sun is out, cooler air is drawn from the hall into the panels, through pop cans which are painted flat black to absorb the sun's heat, and then the warmed air is blown back into the hall.

Both systems function with very little maintenance and paid for themselves in no time. Reducing our energy bills allows the department to focus financial resources on the purchase of necessities such as emergency equipment and training.

Community members are encouraged to visit the fire hall to view this energy-saving equipment.

Dayspring fire department Christmas family

Dayspring and District Christmas Family

One of the proudest endeavours members of the department participate in every year is the support of a family in need at Christmas. The Salvation Army provides us with a Christmas wish list from a needy family in our community. The Dayspring & District Fire Department provides gifts for all members of the family, along with some special meal treats for the big day. Funds to support this very special and worthwhile initiative are generated throughout the year by 50/50 draws and other fundraising events.

Dayspring & District Fire Department assists families at Christmas.

Fire Prevention and Education

Part of the commitment to providing emergency services is the education and promotion of health and safety for members of our community. Members of the Dayspring & District Fire Department take this challenge and responsibility very seriously. Over the years, they have participated in mutual aid parades, hall demonstrations, open houses, school visits, fire safety tips and the promotion of the display of civic numbers. Did you know that prominently displaying a blue civic number sign is now the law? A rising concern of the department and property owners is access obstructions that may restrict fire apparatus from entering driveways. Community members are encouraged to contact the fire department with any questions concerning household fire prevention efforts or to setup a site meeting.

Reduce the risk of incidents through education and promotion.

Hall Tours for all Ages

Members of all ages within the community are encouraged to drop by the hall for a visit. Our regular night for training occurs on Monday evenings. It's a perfect time to stop by and walk through the hall, view the trucks and equipment, sit in the driver's seat of a big red shiny fire truck, or talk with a firefighter. Community groups can contact the hall for personalized tours. If you visit the hall for one of our breakfasts, or any other fire department-sponsored event, speak with a firefighter and ask if he or she would take you on a personal guided tour of the fire hall. Who knows, you might end up joining the department.

Drop by, meet the firefighters and check out the fire hall.

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