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Calls for May 2018

2018-05-19: Wildland Fire
2018-05-26: Medical
2018-05-22: Medical
2018-05-17: Medical
2018-05-16: MVC
2018-05-14: Mutual Aid for Oakhill
2018-05-04: Medical

Dayspring and District Fire Department – Always Ready!

If this is an emergency dial 9-1-1! Do not wait!

The department provides medical care within the district and has Medical First Responders.

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Emergency Fire Procedures

In the event of Fire or Smoke in your home, you should:

Turn off any appliance or device that could cause a fire if let unattended.
Notify any people in the home.
EXIT the building IMMEDIATELY while closing all doors behind you to limit any smoke or fire spread.
GO to your designated meeting area.
TELEPHONE 911 and advise your address, name and any details you can add.
NEVER Re-Enter the Building.
MEET the first arriving Fire Truck to give additional information.

***If you find yourself in a smoky home, stay low and crawl on your knees to the nearest Exit***

Latest Community News You Can Use

Dayspring & District Fire Department Municipal Volunteer Awards

Dayspring & District Fire Department Members Receive Municipal Volunteer Awards

On April 17th, Dayspring Fire Department was honored to have three members, Captain Doug St. Laurent, Captain Nathan Schmeisser and Firefighter Tom DeBruin receive Municipal Volunteer Awards from the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg. These awards were presented during an evening ceremony highlighting the amount of commitment and dedication these three give to the Dayspring & District Volunteer Fire Department. We thank them for the devotion in protecting their fellow community members.

Dayspring & District Fire Department Hosts Battalion Chief from Toledo, Ohio

Dayspring & District Fire Department Host Battalion Chief from Toledo Ohio Dayspring & District Fire Department Host Battalion Chief from Toledo Ohio

Dayspring Fire Department had the opportunity to host guest speaker Bob Krause, a Battalion Chief from Toledo Ohio with more than 30 years of experience as a firefighter, officer, paramedic and instructor. Bob, who isn't a stranger to Nova Scotia, provided sessions in the past at the annual Fire Department Information Conference (FDIC) at Acadia University where members were lucky enough to hear him speak. The training event held the weekend of October 21 and 22 provided members basics in residential fire suppression from fire flow calculations, strategies and tactics to proper incident command system. Training consisted of power point presentation to interactive discussion based on scenarios ("what if"), ending with hands on hose advancement and nozzles usage.

Dayspring & District Fire Department Certificate of Recognition to Businesses and Community Groups Supporting Fire and Emergency Services

Dayspring & District Fire Department Certificate of Recognition

On November 14th, Dayspring Fire Department became the first to take advantage of a newly created Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Policy (MDL-70) to nominate businesses and groups who support the fire services. The "Certificate of Recognition to Businesses and Community Groups Supporting Fire and Emergency Services" policy came into effect in April 2017 and certificates given to nine companies during the evening presentation. Certificates went to High Liner Foods, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc., Nature's Reflections Landscaping Ltd., Nottus Ventures and Snyder's Shipyard who allow employees to leave work to respond to emergencies. Corkum's Towing, My House Design/Build Team Ltd.,

Norm Couttie (Adera Development Corp.) and Pacific Pre-Hung Doors (2013) Ltd received certificates for their financial contribution to the department in the past. The department is grateful for all that these companies have done to help provided professional emergency service to the residents protected by the Dayspring and District Fire Department.

Clean Chimneys to Prevent Fires

The Dayspring & District Fire Department urges homeowners to ensure their wood-burning stoves, fireplaces or pellet stoves are working efficiently and chimneys are clean.


Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions

Please Burn safe! Please respect when domestic brush burning is allowed, allowed with restrictions, or not allowed at all. The map is updated daily and is easy to read.

For the safe burning map in our county please visit:

A Half Century of Service to the Community

March 23, 1966 was a significant date in the tight-knit communities of Dayspring, Upper LaHave, Rhodes Corner, Spectacle Lakes and Wilkie's Cove. The Dayspring & District Fire Department was organized. Click here to see our 50th anniversary celebration.

Due in large measure to the tireless dedication and determination of hundreds of volunteers, and the unflagging support from community residents, the department has grown from its humble beginnings nearly 50 years ago to one of the best equipped, trained and respected fire departments in Lunenburg County.

Dayspring fire department history

Dayspring fire fighters

Today, more than 30 firefighters, led by a team of skilled officers, help to protect 667 households and their properties. The department is comprised of an effective Rapid Intervention Team, a group of Level One Firefighters, Medical First Responders, and most members are also capable of performing ice and water rescues, emergency traffic control, animal rescue, helicopter landing control and extrication from vehicles.

If you are an office worker, mechanic, nurse, retail clerk, carpenter, student, paramedic, banker, factory worker, executive, fisher or whatever, you all have one thing in common – you can become a firefighter.

All training is tailored to an individual's capabilities. Training and practice sessions are held every Monday night, and specialized

training is conducted at scheduled periods throughout the year. A new training centre was completed in 2013, allowing firefighters to learn and practise various firefighting and rescue scenarios.

The skills learned can last a lifetime, and they can help firefighters obtain full-time careers, both in and outside the fire service. Firefighting is considered to be the most respected profession in the country.

The Dayspring & District Fire Department is indeed a cohesive band of brothers and sisters who work together, day or night, in all weather conditions, to help a community resident. It could be a relative, neighbour, friend, or complete stranger. When the pager sounds, the response is immediate and efficient.

Interacting with the community is an important aspect of the fire department's mandate. The large community hall, kitchen and bar are used regularly for community breakfasts, music shows, and a variety of special parties and meetings. Depending on the event, the hall can accommodate up to 248 occupants.

If you live in a community referenced above, and would like to learn more about what it takes to fill a firefighter's boots at the Dayspring & District Fire Department, please contact us here.

Dayspring fire fighters

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